Lathe And Plaster Repair

Your lath and plaster may be old school, but that doesn’t mean they fail to get the job done. If your plastered walls are aging, damaged, cracking, or more, it is important that you get in contact with repairmen ready to take on the job to fix it. At Tactical Drywall LLC, we are here for you with our top notch lath and plaster repair services that exceed our clients’ expectations.
Our popular local company has always been dedicated to offering our clients the great services that keep our clients returning for more in the future. Old school plaster is not only more attractive than drywall, but it also offers better insulation and noise blockage. There is a good chance that you should have your old plaster inspected and repaired by our experienced repairmen, who will work hard to finish all the repairs, from start to finish. For the best lath and plaster repair services in the area, you can rely on us.